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Vegan Pizza Toronto from an All Inclusive Pizzeria

Pizza Delibery with Gift Cards

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start looking at the menu here at Mamma’s Pizza is our vegan pizza recipe is just one of a myriad of choices you have to fill even the hungriest appetite. Start by looking at the variety of vegan pizza Toronto specials we have to offer and you’ll see why we’ve been in business since 1957.

Feeling like vegan pizza crust toppings is the only thing that will satisfy your appetite? That’s not a problem. Looking for location that’s close so you can come back again and again to try everything we’ve got at your leisure? Scan our website. Remember, we’re the all inclusive pizzeria that has catering, gift cards and a sense of community involvement that’s all part of our dedication to 100% complete customer satisfaction.

Our Breaded Chicken Cutlet and Breaded Veal Cutlet are two of the other choices that keep our valued customers coming back again and again. It doesn’t really matter what you choose from our menu, everything we serve is backed by Old World tradition and modern day innovation. That’s why we think you’ll love our vegan pizza Toronto. Why not get in touch with us today on the telephone or click on the website to place an order online?