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Veggie Pizza Burlington for those healthy folks

Top specialty pizza at Mamma's Pizza

Having something for everyone in your family is part of our dedication to complete customer service here at Mamma’s Pizza. When you know a little bit about the history of our storied franchise, you’ll be able to see why customer service and traditional values have been two of the cornerstones right from the beginning. In fact, when Mamma came here with her recipes from Italy in the 1950s, no one could have foreseen the little pizza place that she first started would grow into such a well loved and respected enterprise.

That’s why the people who run Mamma’s Pizza are especially proud of the fact they cater to a variety of different tastes including veggie pizza Burlington aficionados. Of course these are the people who are health conscious and are especially interested in the fact that our veggie pizza offerings have nothing but the freshest ingredients and all the dough is made on the premises every day.

You should take a few moments and scan through our menu to see that we have taken a great amount of care and time to make sure that everyone in your circle of friends or family is looked after. We have several different sizes of each pizza on our menu and when you take a look at what we have to offer for our veggie pizza Burlington specials, you’ll be able to see how a variety of different toppings including roasted garlic and even eggplant make us the place for a variety of mouthwatering choices.

Mamma’s Pizza has  excellent catering facilities as well. And while you are looking at our menu and veggie pizza Burlington choices, you should spend a few more minutes looking at the appetizers and delicious hot trays we have available for a wedding or any other kind of special event.

Being interested in our veggie pizza Burlington toppings means that you will also more than likely be interested in the salads that we have to offer. We have both full trays and a number of trays of all the popular types of salads including Caesars and of course Chef’s salads.

Here at Mamma’s Pizza, we want you to be aware of the fact that our veggie pizza Burlington specials are a very important part of what we are the most proud of. However, we want all of our valued clients to know that we offer a variety of other wonderful food choices that will cater to most pallets.