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We Have Gourmet Pizza in North York And So Much More

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Looking for gourmet pizza in North York you can order online? We have set up a convenient webpage so you can order anything you want. Getting started is easy. Registered users only need to add their username and password to place an order. If you want to set up a new account, you’ll only need to plug in your phone number to begin.

Best Food

Then you can start ordering some of the best food you’ll find anywhere in North York. That includes our specialty meat pizzas like the brand-new butter chicken pizza. This one has butter chicken and  red onions as well as green peppers and roasted red peppers.

Mamma’s Aloha Pizza is another one of the brand-new items on our North York menu. Like all the other items we have available, you can order this one in several different sizes. The variety comes with the 10 inch small that has six slices. The sizes go all the way up to the 21 x 15” party size that has 24 different squares.

Perfect Meal

Please read on to find the perfect meal for you and your friends and family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a small or large event. We have the good food that will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Gourmet Pizza in North York That’s Always Fresh

Mammas Spicy Chicken Bruschetta is an excellent choice for a family event. It comes with a marinated chicken breast as well as hot Italian peppers and cheese. Order online and you can have it delivered piping hot. We like to suggest the family size that comes in 12 slices so everyone gets some.

Mammas Chicken Alfredo pizza is another excellent choice that comes from the same category.

Don’t forget that we have a lot of other types of delicious food. For example, there is a good selection of tasty sandwiches in our North York restaurant. The veal cutlet and chicken cutlet are two of the most popular when you add onions and hot sweet peppers.

Crowd Pleaser

The Meatball Sandwich is another crowd pleaser because it comes with fresh tomato sauce. Remember, anything that you find on our menu that tickles your taste buds can be ordered online.

Great Meal

Mammas  is always interested in providing every one of our customers with a great meal and some wonderful memories. That’s why we always tell everyone our gourmet pizza in North York choices are delicious and made fresh.