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We Have Great Pizza Delivery In Richmond Hill

Build Your Own Pizza at Mamma's Pizza in Ontario

Are you looking for pizza delivery in Richmond Hill that is fast and efficient, friendly and courteous? Then you have stopped on the right website. We like to encourage our clients to build their own pizza and then have it delivered right to their front door or office.

Here’s a few of the reasons that building your own pizza is the way to go.

  • We have whole-wheat and gluten-free dough. We know that our customers have a variety of different tastes. Our number one priority is always making sure that you get the choices you want when you are building your own pizza. That also includes an excellent selection of dips that include ranch and marinara.
  • Don’t forget to take a few minutes to look through the free toppings we have. When you are building a unique pizza for friends and family, you’ll want to have options like oregano and plum tomato sauce.

Here’s a helpful tip for getting the most from our pizza delivery in Richmond Hill team. If you carefully write down all of the items that you want on your pizza before you phone it in, it’s easy to read them off one by one.

The Pizza Restaurant In Richmond Hill that Caters

Our Mammas Pizza in Richmond Hill can also help you create memorable events. We have a catering service that’s perfect for everything from a family birthday party to a corporate teambuilding occasion.

There are different foods available. You can get everything from garlic bread with cheese to a chicken wing or meatball tray. Don’t forget to look over the different salads we have and delicious pasta entrées.

Meat Sauce

Mammas Richmond Hill also offers several different pasta dishes as the main meal for any of your events. Don’t forget that you can add meat sauce or chicken as well as rose sauce and meatballs to anything that you see on our menu.

Gourmet Pizza  in Richmond Hill

Finally, we want you to have a good look at our house specialty meat pizzas. These are the finest in gourmet pizza in Richmond Hill choices. The butter chicken pizza is especially popular since it comes with roasted red peppers and red onions.

Of course anything you see on this part of our menu can be delivered piping hot right to your front door.