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We Have The Best Pizza in Mississauga and Salads Too

Build Your Own Pizza at Mamma's Pizza in Ontario

The Mamma’s Pizza location in Mississauga is well known for house specialty meat pizzas. We call them the best pizza in Mississauga choices for good reason.

We always suggest people order the 21” x 15” party size that has 24 squares. That way there will be enough for everyone whether you’re having a family gathering or friends over for the big game.

Please take a minute to check out the other sizes that we have available.

  • The 10 inch small is just the right size for someone interested in checking out the butter chicken pizza that’s new. The red onions and green peppers that are used as toppings are always fresh. Customers rave about the butter chicken and tomato sauce.
  • Mamma’s Aloha pizza really hits the spot when you order the 16 inch extra large size. The 12 slices are just enough if you want to have a little left over for a quick snack the next day. This pizza has a delicious combination of pineapple, ham and cheese.
  • Customers tell us the combination pizza is perfect when it comes in the 12 inch medium-size. There is just enough for a small intimate group at the office. If you like green peppers and mushrooms as well as pepperoni, this is the choice for you.

Check out the other best pizza in Mississauga choices we have here.

Our Mamma’s Pizza location Mississauga is proud to offer a complete meal experience. Whether you come into our restaurant or order online for delivery, that means you’ll have a choice of salads.

Chef’s Salad

Adding chicken to the Chef’s salad makes it all the more mouthwatering. The Kalamata olives in this side dish are always fresh. The red onions add a zesty flavor that you will enjoy.

Caesar Salad

This is a great choice for customers who enjoy romaine lettuce and garlic croutons. Everything that we make in this menu section is always guaranteed fresh. What’s more, it can be delivered right to your front door.

As if having the best pizza in Mississauga and salads wasn’t good enough, we’ve added on some outstanding sandwiches too. The Italian  sausage sandwich is a real crowd favorite and you can order it online with your salad and pizza choices. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.