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We Have The Best Specialty Pizzas in Whitby

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We have the best specialty pizzas in Whitby that come in different sizes. Because that town is a family orientated place to live, the 18 inch size with 12 slices is very popular. That’s not to say that we don’t sell lots of the 12 inch medium option with eight slices or the 10 inch small that comes with six.

Here are just a few of the choices you have. Remember they can all be delivered or you can come into our Whitby location and enjoy a night out.

Mamma’s Tuscany Tenderloin

This is a specialty pizza that’s a big favorite with our Whitby customers. The reason could very well be found in the list of ingredients. This one comes with fresh tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and marinated beef tenderloin.

Why not order the extra large so you can save some for the next day? That comes with 12 slices and should be enough for everyone.

Mamma’s Hot Sicilian

Choose this one and you will get the benefit of spicy tomato sauce and hot Italian peppers and sausage. The best specialty pizzas in Whitby like this one also include roasted garlic.

Mamma’s Veneziana

Variety is what you will get with this pizza. We take pride in choosing the best ingredients like artichoke pesto sauce and Asiago cheese.

Are you interested in building your own pizza? We offer deep dish, cauliflower and gluten-free crust to start. Take your time when you are choosing the toppings you want. There’s lots to choose from.

Free Toppings

The list of free toppings starts with plum tomato and extra tomato sauce. Many of our customers in Whitby add oregano and olive oil as well as fresh garlic and fresh green chili.

We also have a list of traditional toppings to make any pizza night at home special. The choices include ham, salami and ground beef as well as hot pepper rings, green peppers and mushrooms. Everything is fresh so any of the choices you make will taste great.

Mammas pizza also has a good selection of gourmet toppings so you can make up your own version of the best specialty pizzas in Whitby. Those include delicious choices like marinated chicken breast and Hot Italian sausage. Roasted garlic and roasted potatoes as well as grilled zucchini are also on this list.