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Weed-infused pizza? It’s already here !!

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Marijuana is becoming legal next year here in Canada. We thought that made it a perfect time to start looking at your options for weed infused pizza. Here’s a few ideas that have already flowered.

There’s a medical marijuana company in Massachusetts that is serving up pizza that has weed infused in it. The owner of the company says people looking for medical marijuana products wanted something different than the options they already had.

The difference is the pizzas that are sold there also can serve as a lunch or meal for busy people on the go.

This pizza that has marijuana infused is a popular choice for the pizzeria that serves it. The owner of the company also has several other edibles like infused candy and edible fruit products to choose from that are popular.

Although we don’t infuse any of our products with marijuana, everything we serve has fresh ingredients. We pride ourselves on carrying on classic traditions that Mamma brought from the old country. Please keep in mind that we are celebrating our 60th anniversary and invite each and every one of you to help us with the celebrations.

Why not order a steaming hot pizza from our extensive menu today?