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Weird Pizza Delivery Stories

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If you ask anyone who delivers pizzas for a living, you’ll more than likely hear some excellent stories about all the adventures and misadventures they go through to get a steaming hot pizza delivered on time.

Take the story of an awkward teenager in San Diego who was out on one of his first deliveries. It turns out he was taking some food to a bachelor party and when he approached the front door the lights went out, the door opened and a naked woman asked him how old he was.

When he told her, she gave him a big hug and everyone inside took pictures. The delivery driver swears to this day he hasn’t seen one of those pics but we wonder!

Here’s another interesting story about somebody who had too much to drink and couldn’t tell the difference between a pizza and a taxi. It seems the delivery person got to the right house but the person inside was drunk and decided they needed a ride but didn’t want to wait for a taxi.  The driver needed It turns out a bit of a scuffle ensued and the driver to kick the drunk passenger out the passenger side door and continue on with it open until he could close it at the next stoplight.

We’re just glad that no one got hurt and that in the end everyone got to enjoy a delicious treat!