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Mama’s Blogs

Weird Sandwiches

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We have chicken cutlet sandwiches and veal cutlet options for you to choose from when it comes to sandwiches. All our food is always fresh and lovingly prepared for you to eat at home or at an event we cater. Mammas Pizza thought it might be interesting for our readers to take a look at some of the weirder sandwiches that other people enjoy.

It would seem that there are those people out there who want to stay healthy but have dessert at the same time. That’s why we found a ham and mayo sandwich with Oreo cookies put in for good measure. It doesn’t sound that weird to some, but we wonder if someone took the time to unscrew the cookies and get to the icing first.

It would seem there a lot of people out there with cast-iron stomachs. When we did a little searching we found a fried chicken sandwich. Now while that’s not so weird, someone decided to put Cheetos and ketchup on top.

We might not have the weirdest selection of sandwiches, but you’ll really enjoy the fresh tomato sauce and onions we use.