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When The Love Of Pizza Goes Too Far

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We all love pizza and understand how much everybody else does too. However, if you take a quick look through the news you can often find stories about people taking that love a little too far. You know that’s happening:

  • When a pizza box becomes part of your furniture. Remember that tasty ska that you ordered last weekend? Well, when the box is still there a week later and you’re using it as a vase your love of pizza might have crossed a line that you need to retrace.
  • When you check your phone every three or four minutes until the pizza arrives. When the delivery person said they would be 30 minutes, there’s no need to time it like you’re waiting for a rocket to launch from Cape Canaveral. When you start doing that, your love of pizza might have gone too far.
  • When you think you want to eat pizza every day for ever, your love of pizza has gone too far.

It’s great to love pizza but you need to have a little balance too. That’s why Mamma’s Pizza has a variety of delicious varieties you can order from us either online or by coming in to see us personally. Either way will be glad to do business with you.