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Whitby Pastas With Garlic Bread Anyone?

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Mammas Pizza is especially proud of the Whitby pastas that we have on our menu. You can order them for delivery so they arrive in time for any special occasion. You can also add some delicious extras to anything you see on this part of our menu.

The Penne Primavera already comes with some wonderful fresh ingredients like mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli. Order this one online and don’t forget that you can order an extra layer of melted cheese for just a very small price.

Any of the pasta that you choose from our menu is perfect for big or small events. For starters, it looks elegant and tastes delicious. It’s also made from one of the basic food groups so it is a healthy choice. It provides a good amount of fiber and is an excellent source of energy.

Family Gathering

That means you should consider Rigatoni when you are planning a family gathering or even a wedding reception. The entrée we serve is simmered in a fresh plum tomato sauce and served with two complementary pieces of garlic bread. Order this dish with extra tomato sauce or meat sauce and add three meatballs so everyone gets a satisfying portion.

There are more of these delicious Whitby pastas to choose from. Everything that you see here is made fresh with that special attention to old world detail that separates our food from the competition.

  • Ravioli al Proscuitto is another healthy choice because it is filled with spinach and fresh cheese. It’s another one of the Whitby pasta items that you can order online.
  • Vegetarian Lasagna is another favorite choice from our Whitby clientele. This one comes layered with mushrooms and spinach as well as zucchini and Romano cheese.
  • People  love to add extra chicken to the Fettuccini Alfredo. Like everything else in this part of our menu, this dish is served with two pieces of complementary garlic bread.

If you’re looking for something to add to these entrées, why not try one of our salads?

Your choices include the chef’s salad that comes complete with red onions and Kalamata olives. You can also try Mamma’s namesake salad. Sliced tomatoes and garlic croutons are just two of the delicious ingredients that come with this order.

There are two different sizes to choose from. The small is good  for people who are only having a light meal or intimate gathering.