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Why people tell us our Etobicoke pizza is best

order delivered or take it out options available at Mamma's Pizza

Making sure that we have whole host of satisfied clients is our number one priority. If you want the best Etobicoke pizza, you’ll need to come to here for several very good reasons. Beyond food that is steeped in tradition, we have a variety of different morsels for everyone’s taste buds and the latest innovations.

Here’s a few the things that will have you coming back for more:

  • We are very proud of the ability we have to order the best Etobicoke pizza online. Not only can you select from our specials and other options on the menu from the comfort of your own home, we also have a mobile app. It’s all about our dedication to bringing you traditional pizza in a modern way.
  • Of course there are a variety of different foods that you can enjoy. Here at Mammas Pizza we have parmigianas that you will find irresistible. Choose from the chicken dish with spaghetti and remember to have garlic bread for a traditional and irresistible touch.
  • If you like sandwiches as a bit of a diversion away from the best pizza in Etobicoke, we have those to choose from as well. Why not try an Italian sausage sandwich with extra tomato sauce? Everything that we make here at Mammas Pizza only uses the freshest ingredients. Not only that, all the items on our menu are made with love and dedication.
  • If you are fond of salads, we have those two. There is a fine variety to choose from. Our menu has only the freshest ingredients and toppings for each of the selections that you have to sort through.
  • Don’t forget that we thought of everything here at Mammas Pizza in Etobicoke. That means that there is a fine dessert menu for you to end any delicious meal with. Choose from cheesecake and chocolate mousse as well as a variety of strawberry cheesecakes and other delicious treats.

Keep in mind that one of the foundations of everything we serve is the best pizza in Etobicoke. When you order from us online or come into one of our restaurants, you’ll be able to get a pizza pie specially crafted to your tastes and vision.

Don’t forget to check out our other locations in places like Brampton, Mississauga and even downtown Toronto. We even have a Burlington location that’s close by and ready to serve you.