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Why Pizza is Good For Breakfast

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Most people have grabbed a slice of pizza from the refrigerator at one time or another. They might have even felt a little guilty about eating cold pizza for breakfast. However, at least one expert is saying that pizza could replace toast and eggs as a nutritional meal in the morning.

Jason Bull, sales director for Eurostar Commodities, points out that a big portion of pizza is carbohydrates. He also highlights the fact that pizza is already a breakfast food in some other parts of the world.

People in the Impala region of Italy enjoy pizza in the morning. It’s one of the staples of their diet in that area. They have perfected the breakfast pizza by adding more water to the flour so it’s a light treat.

Pizza is becoming a nutritionally balanced and healthy choice.  Bull points out that gluten-free dough is popular and that trend will only increase in the new year.

Mamma’s Pizza is always aware of providing nutritional value in everything we do. That’s why we have nutritional tables on our website so you can get a good idea of what you’re eating. Why not visit one of our locations today?