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Why Thin Crust Pizza in Whitby is Good For You

Mamma's Pizza delivery options

If you’re looking for thin crust pizza in Whitby, you’ve stopped in the right place. We like to tell our clients the thin crust is healthy. Choosing that type decreases the number of carbs.

Please read on to find out more about the pizza Whitby choices that we have for you.

Spicy Vegan

The spicy vegan pizza on our menu is even more delicious when you have it made up with a thin crust. The vegan pepper jack cheese and bruschetta that we use on this one is delicious. Everyone knows that choosing veggie toppings over meaty ones is the healthier choice.

Salad From The Menu

Here’s another tip on staying healthy. Try ordering a salad from our menu. Of course, we can deliver it along with any of your other choices.

Vegan Sausage Classic

This is another of the thin crust pizza in Whitby options you have that’s good for you. Take a few minutes to look at the nutritional table that we’ve placed on our website. It will help you understand the different nutrients as well as calories, carbs, protein, and other ingredients in each slice.

Keep in mind that you can build your own pizza at our Whitby location. That includes different choices like a gluten-free or cauliflower crust. Some of the other healthy options you have here include gluten-free dough or whole wheat dough.

Choosing The Right Toppings

Choosing the right toppings is an important part of any choice. We offer a wide variety of traditional toppings like onions, pineapple, tomato slices, and hot pepper rings. Some free toppings include extra tomato sauce and fresh garlic.

Different Toppings

If you are ordering from our build your own pizza menu, we would also like to suggest that you check out the different gourmet toppings that are available.

These include healthy choices that will make any pizza better. Roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini are just two of the different options. Our Whitby clients rave about the marinated mushrooms and hot Italian sausage in this category.

Different Sizes

Finally, we want our customers to understand that a thin crust pizza in Whitby comes in several different sizes. Those include a 10 inch small for an individual meal up to the 21” x 15” party size. That has 24 squares of delicious pizza.