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Why you should eat pizza in the car

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If you’re like most people, every time you get a newer vehicle you make some resolutions and at the top of the list is quite often no eating in a new car. However, there are quite a few of us who make an awful mess inside any of our vehicles because we gobble down lunch, feast on a snack, or even enjoy a nice slice of pizza while we are driving from one point to another.

A lot of us really beat ourselves up for enjoying some deep dish pepperoni pizza in our vehicle but there’s some very good reasons why you should cut yourself a little break and learn to like eating in your car.

First and foremost is the fact that it helps you to enjoy the journey. If you’re rushing from one point to another and thinking about how much you’ll gobble down pizza when you get to where you need to be, you’re more than likely going to slow down and take your time if you bring your food with you. Just remember to be careful when you’re eating  and not get distracted from the road.

Remember too,  a nice slice will keep you from being too angry if you’re caught in a traffic jam!