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Mama’s Blogs

Why You Should Order Online from Our Dundas St Location

Mamma's Pizza delivery options

We take the time to make everything on our menu delicious, traditional and good for you. That’s why the staff at our Dundas St location want you to know all about your options. They would love to see you come into the restaurant there. All of our customers are like members of a big extended family. The staff is always glad to see them.

However, we also want you to have our vegan pizzas or specialty items how you want them. That means we also encourage our customers to order the food online.

Up With The Times

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the times. We know Mamma would’ve wanted us to keep up the old-world traditions but have an eye to the future too. That’s why you can order anything from our Internet menu.  It’s all about your convenience. That’s what keeps us moving forward and looking for the latest innovations.

Telephone Number

All you need to do to get started is add your telephone number. Then start picking from the delicious choices we have like fresh sandwiches. You can add some delicious toppings to these sandwiches that include hot and sweet peppers and sautéed mushrooms. Imagine how mouth watering the veal cutlet with tomato sauce is with a little extra cheese?

The Italian sausage with tomato sauce on our menu is one of the favorites. That’s not to say we don’t get all lot of online orders for our meatball sandwich. Either one of them is perfect for game night or a quiet evening watching movies on Netflix.

For those of you who have a bigger appetite, there’s a steak sandwich with tomato sauce and onions.

Don’t forget we have a variety of gift cards too. You can buy one of these at our Dundas Street location and put it in the stocking of someone you love this Holiday season. You can buy these at any of our locations or have one tucked in with your next online delivery order.

These make a perfect gift for any time of the year and they come in denominations from $5 all the way up to $100. Of course, you can use them at any Mammas location you choose. However, we’d like to see you at our Dundas Street restaurant. Don’t forget to bring the whole family for a meal you will enjoy.