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Wondering about the world’s largest pizza?

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We offer all different kinds of delicious pizza here at Mamma’s Pizza. We will even let you custom make your own pizza or have one of our Vegan and specialty items delivered right to your house.

If you’re planning on having an event or large get together, we can help there too. Our catering services provide a variety of different hot trays that are all delicious and sure to please.

While we’ve done a lot of things in the pizza world, we haven’t built the largest pizza just yet. Maybe the best reason for that is it’s already been done.

The largest pizza in the world weighs  close to 27,000 pounds. It was made in South Africa in 1990 and it contained almost 10,000 pounds of flour, 4000 pounds of cheese, and 2000 pounds of mushrooms just for starters. We really love delivering piping hot pizza right to your front door, but this monster might have presented a bit of a problem for even the most seasoned delivery person.

Sorry to say that the evidence is a bit sketchy about this world’s largest pizza. However, were left wondering how many happy people it took to eat the whole thing!