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World leader pizza stories

pizza and wings made with homemade sauces at Mamma's Pizza

We always knew that pizza was a world-class food. What we found out when we did  some research was that many world-class leaders liked it too. That said, here’s some stories about the world leaders you know and everyone’s favourite food.

Boris Yeltsin was one of those stodgy Soviet era leaders who never seem to crack a smile. However, an interview with President Bill Clinton told a different story. It seems that Yeltsin loved American pizza very much. So much in fact, Secret Service guards found him wandering on Pennsylvania Avenue in his underwear looking for slice in the middle of the night.

Mikhail Gorbachev was another Russian leader who shared a love for pizza. In fact, he appeared in an ad for Pizza Hut back in 1997.  After the commercial aired, the Russian leader said he believed in the power of pizza.

In fact, he said it had the power to bring people together so they could socialize. Of course back in those days his government took a different view of anything American.

Finally, there’s Kim Jong-il. It seems that the North Korean leader had a fascination with pizza and even managed to open a restaurant in North Korea in 2009.