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Mama’s Blogs

Yonge and Adelaide Mammas Pizza Says Don’t Forget the Sides

Everyone who comes into our Yonge and Adelaide Mammas Pizza location should have something interesting and delicious to eat. Sure, there are outstanding pizza specials every day of the week. These are all made with fresh ingredients that we make right on the premises.

Lots of people who come into our restaurant at Yonge and Adelaide find it hard to get past that part of our menu.  Then there’s those folks that rave about the sides that are made for them. Remember, you can come to our restaurant and sit down to eat them or order them online. Either way, they will arrive fresh and piping hot.

The latest menu addition is garlic Parmesan fries. We thought we should try something a little different to go with some of our specialty pizzas. These fries are just the thing if you’ve got the gang over to watch a hockey game. Of course, there are just as good when you’re eating them in our restaurant.

The Nod to Old World Traditions

One of the things about Mamma’s Pizza at Yonge and Adelaide that our customers love is the nod to old-world traditions. We tried to do things exactly the way Mamma would have if she had still been working in this location.

That means that one of the more popular sides we have on our menu is garlic bread. It’s always fresh and an excellent addition to any entrée you choose. Don’t forget we also have garlic bread with cheese. The garlic Parmesan sticks that come in six pieces to order are another big favourite.

Finally, don’t forget the potato wedges if you’re looking for a delicious side.

Chicken Wings Too

There’s always lots to choose from at this Mamma’s Pizza location. Sports teams and other big groups that come into this restaurant love our chicken wings. Every order is cooked just the way you like it and then tossed with a special sauce that you choose.

Honey Garlic

The sauces include delicious honey garlic and barbecue. Don’t forget there are several different dry rubs that you should try including lemon pepper and maple bacon.

Reasonably priced excellent food. Those are the four words that we hear repeated again and again about our menu choices. Come into our restaurant or order the food online. Either way, you are guaranteed a delicious meal.