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York Mills Catering for Those Special Events

Garlic Parm Fries at Mamma's Pizza

We are very proud of the fact you can order online from our York Mills Mamma’s Pizza. It’s the best way to take full advantage of our specialty pizzas. These are excellent additions to any family event or night out with the boys or girls.

There are several house specialty meat pizzas that stand apart. We like to tell everyone a big part of their popularity is the ingredients we use. Mamma’s Roma tomato pizza is a good example.

More Popular

This is one of the more popular items on our York Mills menu. If you read through the list of ingredients, it’s not hard to see why. First off, consider we use Italian plum tomato sauce as well as slow roasted Roma tomatoes and black olives.

Everything is made fresh on the premises daily. Keep in mind that you can get this specialty pizza in a variety of sizes. The six slice is great for someone who’s looking for a nutritious lunch. The 12-inch medium is great for a small group. We like to suggest the 18-inch family size which has 12 slices next.

If you’re having a party as the weather warms up, we have the right pizza for that too. The parties size has 24 squares so everybody will be able to get their own slice.


Finally, don’t forget that our York Mills location also offers catering. Whether you’re having a corporate event or an intimate family gathering, we can supply the good food. Making sure that everyone has their fill is what this service is all about.

Delicious Trays

One look at the delicious trays of garlic bread from our website, and you’ll be hooked. We also have a variety of other delicious choices like a chicken wing tray and meatball tray. What ever you order from the catering menu arrives piping hot. It’s always the perfect compliment to any special event.

Food is what can make any gathering memorable. Our Fettuccini Alfredo is sautéed to perfection with cheese and cream sauce. We also include delicious ham to make sure everyone leaves satisfied.

Our York Mills Mamma’s Pizza location is always interested in making your experience with us the best it can be. People who love plum tomato sauce will be especially happy with our Ravioli.

We have something for everyone at our York Mills Mamma’s Pizza location.