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Gourmet Vegan Pizza at Mamma's Pizza Ontario

Mammas Pizza understands that you want to take our great food home with you. That’s why we have a delivery service. Order any one of our delicious entrées and they will arrive piping hot.

However, we’ve taken it all one step further by offering a complete catering service. If you’re looking for tasty food that will create memories for any of your special events or locations, please read on.

A Meatball Tray For Team Building

Creating a positive culture at work is one of the best ways to build a successful team. Making decisions together is another strong part. Collecting employees into a relaxed atmosphere can help them communicate with each other.

A meatball tray from our York Mills Mammas is an excellent addition. These calm in half tray and full tray portions so everyone will get a few pieces. Defining rules together in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere is a great way to create an amazing culture.

One of our meatball trays is an great way to bring people together.

Pasta For Wedding Receptions

One of the other events we are happy to cater are wedding receptions. When any of our customers in York Mills ask us what they should serve at this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, we always have a few suggestions.

Ravioli al Prosciutto Tray

This one is always a big hit. It is filled with spinach, cheese and prosciutto and simmered in an exquisite plum tomato sauce that’s always fresh. The half tray serves 7 to 8 of your wedding guests. However, we always like to suggest our customers order the full tray that serves 14 to 16 people. That way there’s always a little extra or something to take home after the reception.

You can add to your pasta. We always suggest a little rose sauce to a half tray and the same for a full tray depending on what you order.

Penne Primavera Tray

This is another one of our most popular entrées. It’s no wonder when you look at the ingredient list that includes Penne getting simmered in a creamy pesto sauce.

The other ingredients include marinated mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli. Everything we serve is guaranteed fresh.

That includes some more traditional dishes like meat lasagna. The two different sizes of trays available come with layers of fresh pasta filled with Parmesan cheese and meat sauce.