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You Can Order Online from Our York Mills Mammas

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There are lots of different things that you can do to get delicious food from our York Mills Mammas Pizza. We love to see you come through our doors to enjoy a great meal. But if you’d rather stay home, we are still committed to fresh ingredients.

Ordering online from our York Mills location doesn’t change the quality of the food that you will get. Some of our clients are surprised to find out that everything and anything on our menu can be delivered.

Garlic Bread

For example, you’ll still get the two complementary pieces of garlic bread when you order pasta online. Feel like adding a little something extra? Click on the rose sauce or chicken as additions to your pasta dish from your home computer.

Extra Meat Sauce

You can even add extra meat sauce without getting up from that comfortable chair at home.  We offer a variety of excellent meals to choose from.

The spaghetti that’s made our York Mills location famous is available online. Use your computer to order this wonderful entrée that’s sautéed with fresh onions and garlic. There’s always room for two pieces of complimentary garlic bread too!

Rigatoni is another favourite with the online crowd. This comes with garlic, parsley and olive oil. Just before we turn it over to our drivers, we make sure it gets simmered in a plum tomato sauce. That way it arrives piping hot and ready to complement that family gathering or sporting event with your friends.

If you check through the different menu items we have you’ll see there’s something for everyone. That includes the vegetarian in the crowd. The vegetarian lasagna we deliver is layered with mushrooms zucchini and spinach.

Restaurant Chain

Our restaurant chain was founded in 1957. Lidia Danesi came to Canada with an armload of all her old world recipes. These have been handed down from generation to generation. Now they were ready to make a new place in a New World.

We’ve expanded over the years to include a variety of wonderful food. Why not check out the fresh salads and hot sandwiches that can be delivered right to your home or office?

We keep a careful eye on everything that gets delivered. Whether you’re ordering a pizza or another kind of entrée, we make sure it’s of the quality Mamma would’ve been proud of.