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You Can’t Go Wrong with Mamma’s Yonge and Adelaide Catering Service

Meat Lasagna tray at Mamma's Pizza

We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time when you sit down for a meal at Mamma’s Yonge and Adelaide restaurant. We want you to enjoy our food just as much when you order online and have it delivered to your front door.

There’s another option for great food you should know about. That’s the catering service we provide at Mamma’s Pizza. Are you planning some kind of special event? How about a teambuilding exercise for your company or even a wedding reception? We have experts on staff and great catering menu choices at Mamma’s Yonge and Adelaide location to make any event special.

For example,

  • We like to suggest a Chicken Wing tray is the perfect way to get things started at a birthday party. Our wings are always fresh and they come in appetizing flavours like honey garlic and barbecue. You can choose medium, chili lime, hot or suicide wings in half or full size trays to satisfy every guest.
  • Mamma’s Meatball Tray is a great choice for events like a sports award dinner. We suggest adding either a half or full size tray of garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese. With this tasty combination, everyone leaves the event with a smile and a full tummy.
  • Other larger events demand more hearty meals. Our delicious Fettuccini Alfredo tray can help make a wedding reception a unique experience. This catered selection comes with all the best ingredients including cheese and cream sauce and sautéed ham.
  • Another big favourite for a large gathering is the Meat Lasagna tray. This fresh pasta dish is topped with melted cheese. It’s perfect for a sit down meal after teambuilding exercises or a business meeting.

We understand everyone has different tastes when it comes to pasta. That’s why you can add meat sauce, rosé sauce, chicken or even meatballs to any full or half size tray. Adding a little extra flavour can make any event more interesting and enjoyable.

Mamma’s Yonge and Adelaide location also has gift cards in different denominations for friends, family and business associates. It’s the perfect gift for someone special. Wondering what to give that person who seems to have everything? The gift of a memorable dining experience at Mamma’s Pizza is always appreciated. Finally, getting the latest offers and discounts is easy when you sign up for our E-Club