Our Story

Mamma’s Pizza™ was founded in 1957 by Lidia Danesi. Lidia was responsible for the Mamma’s Pizza™ concept and its development. Lidia grew up in a small village atop a mountain in a town called Limano in the Tuscany region of Italy. She came to Canada, bringing many Italian recipes that had been passed on to her from her ancestors, arriving in Toronto to open one of the very first Italian restaurants known as Monte Carlo Restaurant – Mamma’s Pizza™ which today has become one of Toronto’s finest culinary institutions.

Being one of the first restaurants to introduce pizza to Toronto, Lidia was often seen preparing pizza in the window. Customers would be amazed with their first experience of biting into a fresh slice of pizza. Soon after, customers started calling her “Mamma, Queen of the Pizza’s” and that is how Mamma’s Pizza™ was created. Mamma’s Pizza™ has since been passed on to the second and third generation.

Mamma’s Pizza™ produces now, as they did back then, pizza dough made daily on the premises, along with fresh homemade sauces. Mamma’s Pizza™ offers customers a choice of two styles of pizza. A traditional Mamma’s Pizza™ consists of toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sliced tomatoes, olives etc.. The second style is Mamma’s Gourmet pizza, consisting of toppings such as sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, marinated eggplant, etc.. Mamma’s Pizza™ also offers a choice of specialty cheeses such as goat, feta, ricotta, gorganzola and a specially blended house cheese.

In addition to the extensive pizza menu, Mamma’s Pizza™ also offers
fresh homemade pastas, meat and chicken dishes, as well as a s
election of hot sandwiches and fresh salads, (keeping a keen eye on
every recipe that goes from preparation to the customers palate).

Mamma’s Pizza™ remains Toronto’s favorite pizza.


Lidia Danesi Mamma, Queen of the Pizza’s